Group Outreach
  •     TeamUp Careers provides a strengths based, individual career coaching program focusing on your current goals, job history, and past accomplishments to provide the tools required for a successful career transition. We encourage everyone to have balance in their lives including spiritual, career, family, financial, physical, mental and social.
  •     TeamUp Careers encourages its members to utilize and Networking opportunities to assist in understanding the relationships between yourself and others that will help you achieve your ideal career situation.
  •     TeamUp Careers stresses that networking is about relationships! Most jobs and positions aren't advertised and employers are asking their network of friends, acquain- tances and employees for referrals of people to hire. It is strongly suggested that you seek referrals to every position or career possibility.
  •     TeamUp Careers helps people believe in themselves, have a positive attitude, and understand their talents and skills. Members can practice "thirty-second commercials," a public speaking technique where they introduce themselves in such a manner that listeners knows who they are in terms of their personal and professional missions.
  •     TeamUp Careers helps you understand yourself with Strength Finder assessments which aid in identifying and affirming your natural born talents. Talents are naturally inherent to you as an individual and can be very different from your skills. A Career Pipeline assessment will show you how your skills, interests, and attributes align together. It also provides other possible career paths and the educational options to achieve them.
  •     TeamUp Careers provides Career Workshops and Jumpstart Seminars to help people understand why there is a hidden job market and develop a career game plan to compete in this market. We've had thousands of participants, many of which have been successful in finding their ideal position.
  •     TeamUp Careers is nondenominational and doesn't evangelize any one faith, yet, encourages testimonies sharing how they are dealing with the frustrations of career transitions.